Keep Your Narrative on Course

I am an experienced editor and writer specializing in assisting authors with creating nonfiction books ranging from inspirational works on leadership, management and personal/professional development to those on historical and scholarly subjects. In working with clients, I have been frequently commended for my ability to provide thoughtful guidance on such elements as voice, transitions, pacing, logic, structure and thematic development.

I have more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, and I have served as the editor of books that include The Dignity-Based Franchise by Joe Kiedinger and Boomerang! Leadership Principles That Bring the Customer Back by Dave Skogen. For more information about these and other published works that I have assisted with as an editor, see the Book Gallery.

As an editor, I focus on building productive, positive working relationships with authors that preserve each individual’s sense of joy in creating a manuscript. The development of a manuscript for most authors is a substantial commitment and is profoundly personal, and what I have learned is that for many authors there is a powerful, genuine feeling of joy in seeing their vision come to fruition, sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter. Once the relationship is right and working, everything else, including the actual editing, falls into place.

In addition, I work with authors in a friendly, collaborative manner that is marked by respect and understanding, and I attempt to ask the right questions and make considered comments in a way that contributes to the development of the narrative to provide greater satisfaction and value for clients. For authors who are looking for an alternative to the more conventional aspects of a standard writer-editor relationship, I offer what I call “no red ink editing,” an approach that is based on increased sensitivity to individual client voices or styles, greater author collaboration in editorial decisions, and an awareness that there are multiple ways to overcome narrative challenges.

Concept evaluation

Some of the very first steps to take in writing a book include determining the appeal or marketability of your idea and how you can develop it into a book manuscript. I can assist you with an initial consultation to determine the questions you need to ask and the factors that should be considered to help you achieve your publishing goals.

Manuscript evaluation

If you have written a manuscript, I can review it and provide you with an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. This includes clear, detailed and practical feedback about pacing, structure, transitions, narrative style and flow, and other elements to ensure your ability to engage and inspire readers from start to finish.

To find out the cost to evaluate your manuscript, simply contact me with the total word count and I will get back to you promptly with a quote and related information.

Book proposals

If you have an idea for a book and would like assistance with approaching a publisher or literary agent, I can assist you with creating a proposal.

Developmental editing

In providing developmental editing assistance, I will make any number of recommendations and changes to ensure that your content optimally engages readers to help you accomplish your goals as an author. More information.

Line editing

Compared to the generally broader recommendations and changes made in a developmental edit, line editing involves working on a manuscript in a more detailed way. Actions typically include making changes concerning grammar, punctuation, consistency and word usage, such as correcting misspellings, fixing subject-verb agreement errors, removing repetitive words, and inserting commas or deleting unnecessary ones.


I can take your concept and ghostwrite a book that fully reflects your vision and narrative voice. This option is ideal for individuals who lack the time to write or who do not feel they have the skills to create a manuscript on their own.

Respectful approach

Whether I am working with you as an editor or a ghostwriter, my approach is to be sensitive to your needs at all times and to always be respectful of your ideas, opinions and goals.


I work with a select group of publishers that offer a full complement of leading-edge production capabilities including art and graphics, typesetting (using a number of industry-accepted platforms), and design as well as capabilities for providing ebook formatting for common reading devices including Apple, Kindle and Nook.

Marketing and publicity

I can draw on my diverse background as a writer, editor and marketing professional to generate exposure for your book with the mainstream media and other publicity channels including social media.