Better Our Planet

Thinking about the big goal of bettering the whole planet can be exhausting. Think about small goals instead. Small goal success is easier to accomplish than big goal success. But each small goal success added to other small goal successes makes the big successes possible. One of my small goals is for 3.5% of the people reading this page to join in bettering the whole planet.

It takes only 3.5% of a population participating in peaceful actions to create changes for society. With your help, I hope to get 3.5% of the world population participating in peaceful actions that better the planet. More would be wonderful, but 3.5% would be enough.

Businesses can:

  • Donate portions of their profits to charities and nonprofits as members of Better Planet Business.
  • Become buyers from other better planet businesses

Buyers can:

  • Buy from better planet businesses.
  • Invite their family and friends to join in buying from better planet businesses.

My membership in the 3.5% begins with this online directory to connect better planet buyers with better planet businesses. I will use this directory to become a better planet buyer myself. I have invited friends to join me in buying from better planet businesses.

I invite you to join in the satisfaction of turning an everyday activity into an action that betters the planet. Your invitations to your family and friends will help build the 3.5% of the world population that can better the whole planet.

Kindness provides the best emotional high possible. You can give yourself a kindness high every time you buy what you need or want through a better planet business. Taking care of the planet you live on means being kind to yourself.